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Welcome to our website.

Quick Close Loans primary commitment is to process and close our customers business commercial loans FAST. Some say we close our loans with hypersonic speed, (1-2 weeks).

We also have the most affordable closing cost due to the fact most of our lending is based on low-doc and no-doc requirements. Therefore the borrower is not paying for the multitude of Bank required documents. The borrower will have a much lower closing cost. We will match and or beat any Banks written loan closing cost estimate.

We are standing by to help you with your commercial funding needs.

Loan Costs, Fees & Terms

  • Closing Time: 1 - 2 weeks, we can fund quicker for emergencies
  • Term: 1-3 Years Bridge Loan, 30 Year Amortization Available
  • Loan Amount: $75,000. - $3,000,000.
  • Loan to Value: up to 75%LTV
  • Interest Rates: 7.5% - 10.5%
  • Origination Fee: 2% - 4%
  • Pre-Payment: Some programs no Pre-Payment required Based on Rate & Terms


When you apply for a real estate loan with a Private Investor commercial money lender, the loan process is often more streamlined and efficient. Private Investor money loans require less paperwork and third party reports. This is a welcome change for those who do not have time to go through a lengthy loan process or don't have the credit or financials to qualify for a traditional loan. Private Investor Money Lenders are often utilized by those borrowers who do not qualify for a mortgage under traditional lender requirements.

Will I Qualify For A Private Investor Money Loan?
Some Private Investor money lenders do have similar loan processes to traditional lenders; albeit with less stringent borrower requirements. However, there are also Private Investor money lenders who are asset-based that are primarily concerned with the value of the collateral property over a borrower's credit history and financials.
Private Investors require a borrower to only provide a minimal amount of information to apply for a commercial real estate loan. Only the following would be required to apply for Private Investor Loan:

Complete A Loan Submission Form

Loan Submission Form will need basic borrower contact information, property information, purpose of the loan, and exit strategy. You will also be asked to provide a short description of your loan request and use of funds. This description area is a good place to mention any issues or challenges Riverdale Funding should be aware of regarding the subject property. We've been able to provide financing for business purposes to help your business grow, purchase commercial properties, pay back taxes, and improve a property. Interior And Exterior Photos of Subject Property Rent/Lease Roll And Operating Costs For Commercial Property easy.

Available Loan Programs.

  • Single Family: We offer aggressive terms on single family investment programs as well as competitive long term hold, subprime and conventional mortgage offerings. There's often an advantage to using short term private money before refinancing to long term conventional loans.
  • Multi Family: Our specialties is multi-family investment. We pride ourselves on creative and aggressive financing for your multi-family needs.
  • Land: Many lenders won't consider land loans in any circumstance. We have a product for land financing as we see great potential in development. Contact a representative today to discuss your project.
  • Conventional / Permanent Financing: We have a variety of conventional banking relationships so we can find the right fit for your financing needs. When your project is stabilized and ready for permanent financing contact a representative to discuss the financing you need.
  • Cash Out: Need cash out quickly? Our cash out program allow you to access to the equity in your property almost instantly. We can creatively cross collateralize multiple properties to get you the capital you need for bigger acquisitions as well.
  • Commercial: From warehouse and industrial to office and retail we can help. If you need money to buy, rehab, or even cash out an existing property contact us today!
  • Note Purchase: Quick Close Loans provides financing for the acquisition of both performing and non-performing mortgage loans. Many financial institutions, in an effort to avoid the time and expense associated with the foreclosure process, are willing to sell under performing loans at a discount. There are few lenders willing to finance note purchases due to the complicated nature of distressed debt situations. QuickCloseLoans provides flexible and timely financing investors acquiring distressed debt secured by commercial real estate.
  • Mazzanine: We can provide mezzanine financing collateralized by either a direct lien on the underlying real estate or a lien on the ownership interest in the real estate. Each loan is unique in that it can include interest coupons structured as current pay or accural and amortization schedules ranging from interest only to fully amortizing. Financing can be utilized by owners/operators of real estate to complete new acquisitions, recapitalize existing assets, repurchase existing debt from current lenders or to acquire existing performing/ non-performing mortgages.

Our team-work helps close and fund your loan.